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Meet Mehedi Hasan, the founder and CEO of Team Mehedi.

Mehedi is a sales development specialist with a focus on email search, campaign management, account management, database curation and data entry. He completed his diploma in civil engineering in 2019 and is currently based in Bangladesh. Mehedi’s goal is to create a top-performing team dedicated to sales development and helping businesses succeed

Our services

Prospect lists with business emails

Prospects list building with business emails is a service that helps businesses to find and validate active email addresses of potential customers. The service does not use any third-party bulk email providers. Instead, it manually searches for email addresses and uses a variety of tools to ensure that the emails are 100% active and valid. The main structure of the emails is identified and then validated using an email validator tool. The service also uses Google Spreadsheet, Excel, and CSV files to organize and manage the email addresses. This service can help businesses to expand their reach and target specific audiences with their marketing efforts.

Database cleanup and new data entry

Database cleanup and new data entry is a service that helps businesses to maintain the accuracy and integrity of their customer databases. The service aims to clean up the database by removing duplicate entries, unnecessary data, and invalid data. This helps to ensure that the database is accurate and up-to-date. After cleaning, the service will then enter new, valid data into the database to help businesses to expand and improve their customer reach. This service can help businesses to optimize their marketing efforts, improve customer communication, and increase overall efficiency.

Internal campaign management

Internal email campaign management is a service that helps businesses to effectively plan and execute internal email campaigns. The service’s goal is to assist businesses in managing the entire journey of their internal email campaigns, including creating strategy, setting goals, identifying target audiences, creating marketing materials, and bulk follow up. The service makes use of the internal tools that the client already owns or buys and sets them up on behalf of the client. This can help businesses to improve employee engagement, internal communication, and increase overall efficiency.

Account management (Responses mgmt)

Account management (Responses management) is a service that helps businesses manage the responses they receive on their sales inboxes. The goal of the service is to assist businesses in handling the influx of emails by filtering out important ones, doing follow-up, and archiving emails that do not require a reply. This can help businesses to stay organized and ensure that important messages are not missed, while also freeing up time for other tasks. The service can help businesses to improve their customer communication, manage their sales leads more effectively, and increase overall productivity.

Our Happy Clients!

Mehedi Hasan "has been super effective at understanding our market and finding us the right contacts so that we can start to engage with them. He was also efficient, smart and acted quickly for us."
Matt Jefferson
Sales Director at QV Systems
"Team Mehedi"
Mededi was quick to reply to all of our questions and was professional at all times. He has helped us expand our reach and saved our marketing team a lot of time. Would recommend his services.
Rachel Edgecombe
Treasury Operations Consultant - at Planixs
"Great communication, great skills, project finished way ahead of schedule. I impressed when I first talked to Mehedi, he has a great English accent! I would be glad to work with Mehedi forever"
Pavel Picek
Head of Business Development at Boost Space
"Great work Mehedi Hasan! Highly recommended! I will hire him again for future work. Thank you"
Md Mafizul Islam, MBA (An Upwork client)
CEO / Founder at eHowTech, Inc.
"Mehedi is a hardworking professional. His work is very professional and he takes his job with full responsibility and deliver quality work. Wish to work with him frequently"
Sumeet Gupta (An Upwork Client)
Market Research Intelligence

Our Team

Mehedi Hasan

Founder and CEO

Jannati Parvin Antora

Team Leader

Md. Sazzad Hossan

Sales Development Manager

Sidul Islam Sourav

Sales Development Associate

Mohammad Rifat Ullah Razin

Sales Development Associate

Farhana Islam Liza

Sales Development Associate

Parvin Akter

Sales Development Associate

Mehedi Hasan Sagor

Sales Development Associate